traditional anglican communion-cornwall-uk.

anglican,apocrypha,pseudepigrapha,dead sea scrolls.

understanding the anglican way of christianity.

explore the following      the international anglican fellowship=the missionary arm of the   contact erv lischke    recommended reading:-the new jerome bible commentary[edd:j.fitzmyer et al];the oxford bible commentary;the oxford companion to the bible;peake's commentary to the bible;the new illustrated companion to the bible;j.pelikan:the illustrated jesus through the centuries;the collegeville pastoral dictionary of biblical theology[ed:c.stuhlmueller,CP].lectionary-based; ;the wiley-blackwell companion to the anglican communion:edd-i.markham,j.t.hawkins,j.barney et al;c.renfrew+p.bahn:archaeology:theories, methods+practice;c.renfrew+p.bahn:archaeology essentials:theories,methods+practice;s.weddell:forming intentional disciples;vatican document-pastores dabo vobis[i will give you shepherds after my own heart:jer.3:15.].

inter-testamental studies.

these books cover apocrypha/deutero-canonical books,pseudepigrapha of the old testament and the dead sea scrolls.the pseudepigrapha text classics include charles,sparks,stone,hennecke,charlesworth and now in 2013-davila/bauckham/panayotov[edd]:old testament pseudepigrapha:more noncanonical scripture.volume 1.vermes is the classic guide to the dead sea scrolls.these are works of interest:-g.boccaccini:beyond the essene hypothesis:the parting of the ways between qumran and enochic judaism.j.charlesworth:critical reflections on the odes of solomon.1.literary setting,textual studies,gnosticism,the dead sea scrolls and the gospel of john.j.charlesworth,h.lichtenberger,g.s.oegema[edd]:qumran-messianism:studies on the messianic expectations in the dead sea scrolls.e.g.chazon,m.e.stone[edd]:pseudepigraphic perspectives:the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha in light of the dead sea scrolls.j.j.collins:the apocalyptic imagination:an introduction to jewish apocalyptic literature.s.delamarter:a scripture index to charlesworth's'' the old testament pseudepigrapha.''l.ditommaso:a bibliography of pseudepigrapha research.1850-1999.d.k.falk:daily,sabbath and festival prayers in the dead sea scrolls.p.w.flint,j.c.vanderkam[edd]:the dead sea scrolls after 50 years:a comprehensive assessment.[2 volumes.]s.freyne:galilee from alexander the great to hadrian 323bce to 135 ce:a study of second temple judaism.f.garcia martinez,e.j.c.tighchelaar[edd]:the dead sea scrolls study edition 2.k.c.hanson,d.e.oakman:palestine in the time of jesus:social structures and social conflicts.j.h.hayes,s.r.mandel:the jewish people in classical antiquity:from alexander to bar kochba.p.b.munoa:four powers in heaven:the interpretation of daniel 7 in the testament of abraham.g.s.oegema:the anointed and his people:messianic expectations from the maccabees to bar kochba.e.puech[ed]:qumran grotte 4=18 texts hebreux[4Q521-528,4Q576-579.].m.e.stone,t.a.bergren[edd]:biblical figures outside the bible.m.e.stone,e.g.chazon[edd]:biblical perspectives:early use and interpretation of the bible in light of the dead sea scrolls.proceedings of the first international symposium of the orion center.j.vanderkam,m.brady[edd]:qumran cave 4 =6 poetical and liturgical texts.part 1.j.vanderkam[ed]:qumran cave 4=8 parabiblical texts.part 1.n.t.wright:''4QMMT and paul:justification,'works' and eschatology'' in aang-won[aaron]son[ed]:history and exegesis:new testament essays in honor of dr e.earle ellis for his 80th birthday.r.rezetko:''the qumran scrolls of the book of judges:literary formation,textual criticism and historical linguistics.''in journal of hebrew scriptures[],volume 13,2013.o.lipschits:the fall and rise of jerusalem:judah under babylonian rule.m.e.stone+m.henze:4 ezra+2 baruch:translations,introductions,and notes.o.lipschits+m.oeming[edd]:judah and the judeans in the persian period.c.a.newsom:daniel:a commentary.

church divinity school of american pacwest international/pacific western universities,ca92128.

church divinity school of american pacwest international/pacific western universities.

this easy-access online distance learning facility is available to laity,seminarians,religious and clergy for academic and formation studies at no cost-just let us know what you want to study!we have been serving the global church since 1977,part of casts.certain modules of study enable you to enhance your continuing professional development.we utilise open education resources and massive open online courses to fulfil our commitment to you. uk face-to-face tutorials can take place at the breakout space facilities in the tremough innovation centre of plymouth university, at the tremough campus of the university of exeter/university of falmouth at penryn,cornwall,tr10 9ta. we coordinate the international pseudepigrapha study network-a global community exploring apocrypha/deutero-canonicals,pseudepigrapha and dead sea scrolls or

under the patronage of s.thomas aquinas.[feastday=28 january.]


members receive the occasional newsletter-'the rock messenger'-with theological materials updates.


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