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anglican,apocrypha,pseudepigrapha,dead sea scrolls,qumran,prayer book,continuing churches,second temple.

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world-wide tac contacts.please note that our pastoral and liturgical ministry is in accordance with us and uk guidance during the pandemic of ''sars-cov-2''=coronavirus disease 2019[covid-19].

go to  the hyperlinks take you to global coverage:-africa,australia,usa,canada,india,ireland,latin america,torres strait,uk,zambia,zimbabwe,plus the missionary arm of the tac=iaf[international anglican fellowship].for worship centres across cornwall call 07780976113 or  at present we are based at bodmin,looe,mullion,newquay,penryn,perranporth,truro;plus exeter and plymouth in devon.the church divinity school operates on a global on-line basis ,assisting clergy,seminarians and laity in all areas of theology and religious studies.face to face tutorials are available at the universities of falmouth and plymouth,uk.

oecumenical theologian in the uk rail industry.

the tac provides this service to the national industry,specialising in business,social,economic and environmental  ethics,in partnership with hm government,academia,passenger-users' organisations and the

tac surfers' fellowship-fistral beach,newquay.

we are an alpha course provider,exercise chaplaincy at fistral-including the annual october  bucs national championships,the largest in 2012 we have welcomed thousands of olympic and paralympic athletes to fistral to surf-in 2020 it becomes at last, an olympic sport,as sochi 2014 has revealed snowboarding to be!see the forums on the left for the latest news on boardmasters 2020,starting on wednesday 5 august at north fistral.

public engagement.

we are involved in the following areas of work:-   public observer at the harbours' board for the mission to seafarers and at the standing advisory council for religious education-visit:-                    we participate in the fora of the european centre for environment and human health,part of the peninsula college of medicine and dentistry,universities of exeter and      we are members of five working parties/fora of the devon and cornwall rail partnership,based at the school of geography,earth and environmental sciences,faculty of science and technology, university of plymouth.visit:-    we take part in the twice-yearly meetings of travelwatchsouthwest at taunton, i am involved with the marine-i project for cornwall and scilly, the mmo marine planning workshops,plus the tevi eu programme.

international pseudepigrapha study network.

under the umbrella of the church divinity school we enable study in this fascinating expanding area by everyone-laity,seminarians,clergy,religious and academics at every possible developments in this field occur frequently,enhancing our understanding of jesus' times and culture,often clarifying his teaching as reported in the new testament.the database is up to date,providing basic information in precis form on at least 118 books,3 specialist articles,including 'the lxx scrolls at qumran'.we have  uploaded the database onto the three fora on biblical materials on the left.just sign in on the right and you have access to it,plus an opportunity to make your own contribution to the study of individual books.a working knowledge of hebrew and greek is helpful but not essential.the network thrives on shared mailings as those doing biblical study,at every level,become acutely aware of the need to understand jesus'background.finally,we keep up to date with new publishers in this field and with emerging research via access the indices of the 'journal for the study of the pseudepigrapha',visit:- then search.classic works include:- charles,sparkes,stone,hennecke,charlesworth,vermes,delamarter,ditommaso,bauckham,davila                                                                                                           and panayotov.

film and television free advisory service.

we provide an immediate telephone response advisory service to film crews on location to ensure that faith matters are presented accurately-we can always lend any artefacts that are essential to a correct presentation.this work began in the early 1970s with poldark edition 1  and continues up to the present day in cornwall,scilly and

establishing biblical gardens in cornwall/devon/isles of scilly,uk.

we are part of horticultural networking projects in cornwall,www.the encouraging the growing of biblical plants in the exotic climate of the far southwest in the uk. our expertise covers the following horticultural areas:-field flowers;fruit trees;field crops;garden plants;wild herbs;forest trees and shrubs;wet-area plants;wilderness plants;thorns and thistles;drugs/spices/incense/perfume.we are of course terribly lucky that the eden project is here in NB.the arava institute for environmental studies has just started to grow frankincense for the first time in israel in 1,500 years at kibbutz ketura---plus myrrh and balm of gilead.

hawkeystreamlinewquaymotors consultancy.

hawkeystreamlinewquaymotors is a christian consultancy,named after three famous cornish coach companies which no longer exist,but are remembered with specialises in the relationship between public transport-by rail,'bus,coach,ferry and air-and communities,including faith communities,special interest groups,and peripheral locations in the european community and elsewhere a time of financial stringency,it investigates the needs of travellers for work,leisure,health,education,necessity purposes,etc.this consultancy does not charge fees and already has influenced public transport initiatives in cornwall and devon.

church divinity school of american pacwest international/pacific western universities,ca92128.

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