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understanding the anglican way of christianity.

explore the following      the international anglican fellowship=the missionary arm of the   contact erv lischke    recommended reading:-the new jerome bible commentary[edd:j.fitzmyer et al];the oxford bible commentary;the oxford companion to the bible;peake's commentary to the bible;the new illustrated companion to the bible;j.pelikan:the illustrated jesus through the centuries;the collegeville pastoral dictionary of biblical theology[ed:c.stuhlmueller,CP].lectionary-based; ;the wiley-blackwell companion to the anglican communion:edd-i.markham,j.t.hawkins,j.barney et al;c.renfrew+p.bahn:archaeology:theories, methods+practice;c.renfrew+p.bahn:archaeology essentials:theories,methods+practice;s.weddell:forming intentional disciples;vatican document-pastores dabo vobis[i will give you shepherds after my own heart:jer.3:15.].

st thomas aquinas study materials.

j.pieper:the silence of st.thomas;faith,hope and love.r.barron:st.thomasaquinas:spiritual master.d.legge:on happiness:selections from the summa theologiae.j-p.torrell:selection from st.thomas aquinas,volume 1,the person and his work;spiritual master,volume 2.m.c.d'arcy:selection from st.thomas aquinas.r.cessario:the virtues,or the examined life.j.white:on faith and reason.t.j.white:thomism for the new evangelisation;wisdom in the face of modernity:a study in thomistic natural theology.f.c.bauerschmidt:thomas aquinas:faith,reason,and following christ.v.boland:st.thomas aquinas.g.k.chesterton:st.thomas aquinas:the dumb ox.j.pieper:guide to thomas aquinas.f.c.bauerschmidt:holy teaching:introducing the summa theologiae of st.thomas aquinas.b.davies:thomas aquinas'summa theologiae:a guide and commentary.k.vost:one-minute aquinas.a.nichols:the shape of catholic theology:an introduction to its sources,principles, and history.

inter-testamental studies.

these books cover apocrypha/deutero-canonical books,pseudepigrapha of the old testament and the dead sea scrolls.the pseudepigrapha text classics include charles,sparks,stone,hennecke,charlesworth and now in 2013-davila/bauckham/panayotov[edd]:old testament pseudepigrapha:more noncanonical scripture.volume 1.vermes is the classic guide to the dead sea scrolls.these are works of interest:-g.boccaccini:beyond the essene hypothesis:the parting of the ways between qumran and enochic judaism.j.charlesworth:critical reflections on the odes of solomon.1.literary setting,textual studies,gnosticism,the dead sea scrolls and the gospel of john.j.charlesworth,h.lichtenberger,g.s.oegema[edd]:qumran-messianism:studies on the messianic expectations in the dead sea scrolls.e.g.chazon,m.e.stone[edd]:pseudepigraphic perspectives:the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha in light of the dead sea scrolls.j.j.collins:the apocalyptic imagination:an introduction to jewish apocalyptic literature.s.delamarter:a scripture index to charlesworth's'' the old testament pseudepigrapha.''l.ditommaso:a bibliography of pseudepigrapha research.1850-1999.d.k.falk:daily,sabbath and festival prayers in the dead sea scrolls.p.w.flint,j.c.vanderkam[edd]:the dead sea scrolls after 50 years:a comprehensive assessment.[2 volumes.]s.freyne:galilee from alexander the great to hadrian 323bce to 135 ce:a study of second temple judaism.f.garcia martinez,e.j.c.tighchelaar[edd]:the dead sea scrolls study edition 2.k.c.hanson,d.e.oakman:palestine in the time of jesus:social structures and social conflicts.j.h.hayes,s.r.mandel:the jewish people in classical antiquity:from alexander to bar kochba.p.b.munoa:four powers in heaven:the interpretation of daniel 7 in the testament of abraham.g.s.oegema:the anointed and his people:messianic expectations from the maccabees to bar kochba.e.puech[ed]:qumran grotte 4=18 texts hebreux[4Q521-528,4Q576-579.].m.e.stone,t.a.bergren[edd]:biblical figures outside the bible.m.e.stone,e.g.chazon[edd]:biblical perspectives:early use and interpretation of the bible in light of the dead sea scrolls.proceedings of the first international symposium of the orion center.j.vanderkam,m.brady[edd]:qumran cave 4 =6 poetical and liturgical texts.part 1.j.vanderkam[ed]:qumran cave 4=8 parabiblical texts.part 1.n.t.wright:''4QMMT and paul:justification,'works' and eschatology'' in aang-won[aaron]son[ed]:history and exegesis:new testament essays in honor of dr e.earle ellis for his 80th birthday.r.rezetko:''the qumran scrolls of the book of judges:literary formation,textual criticism and historical linguistics.''in journal of hebrew scriptures[],volume 13,2013.o.lipschits:the fall and rise of jerusalem:judah under babylonian rule.m.e.stone+m.henze:4 ezra+2 baruch:translations,introductions,and notes.o.lipschits+m.oeming[edd]:judah and the judeans in the persian period.c.a.newsom:daniel:a commentary.

church divinity school of american pacwest international/pacific western universities,ca92128.

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