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welcome to our online journal,the successor to canadian and australian predecessors,but committed in this current year of faith to encouraging everyone around the world in contact with cds-api/pw universities to make their cpd as flexible and rewarding as possible.we now have,thanks to global university contacts,access to free online materials in most areas of theological studies.some sample materials are instantly available on the foras on this website.for many clergy,religious and laity the idea of cpd is novel and new:however,it is vital that we are up to date and competent in our understanding and  practice of our christian has to be frank and honest that there is a lot of poor theological material being currently need to know that there is now  a movement of open access lectures by many universities to assist those who wish to study around the globe, but are unable to register with an institution for all sorts of valid here we are and currently we have contacts in all continents! this edition is going to concentrate on three issues:-1.creative and reflective writing in pastoral ministry.  2.interfaith dialogue in health and caring vocations.3.different types of vocational calling to christian ministry-as revealed in literature.     no doubt you are the user of a diary and perhaps a journal.the creative writing -up  of the day's ministry is a great aid to reflection and to subsequent analysis.i recommend it-especially when one is ministering over an extended period in a common area. for example:you may have a ministry over many days at a location like a port,railroad station,airport,hospital,care home,'bus depot,factory,industrial estate,house visiting,alpha group-all ripe for reflective writing!    all those of us involved in healing and caring ministry approach our work with an ethical map.however,these maps are often very different,especially if  we represent  various faiths and ideologies.they feed our ethical decisions,as we exercise an informed conscience.globally we encounter world faiths,traditional religions and ideologies.the pluralism of our world produces deviations,divisions of opinion and naturally contributions to medicine,nursing and caring.we need to listen to each other,even on matters that may not initially seem profound.there are many  professional dilemmas to be faced-many will not have agreement upon the future road to travel.can we approach ethical problems in some common way?there is a complete ethical context approached by our own personal moral viewpoint. what is this context?it encompasses evidence,participants' viewpoints and pervades the distinction between public and private domains.everyone has a special unique understanding and their principles speak to the individual circumstance. dialogue does not assume that agreement is possible,but talking around the ethical context is a reality for those of clear-cut beliefs.this leads on to strategy building-which is also incidentally a product of creative writing.the three steps of appreciation,dialogue and potential agreement seem to suggest a possible common approach.         finally,we present a challenge!those of us who preach frequently know  of the necessity to read fiction and especially novels!from now on keep aware of vocational calling displayed by religious individuals in novels-often it is based upon the author's experience of clergy,religious,missionaries,etc.   it also alerts us to the manifold ways that god uses to call us. i am sure that immediately there come to mind characters whom we have seen on tv/film or read about in many classics.        the general discussion forum is available for your responses to the above-just sign in on the sidebar on the right then go to the fora webpage on the left.                                                                                  2013EDITION ......this is to raise the whole issue of ministry to those contemplating the taking of their own life.  the pastoral care of those considering suicide and of those bereaved by suicide.the three basic principles of christian pastoral care that pervade both of these areas are:-1.the pastor is devoted to christ and to his people.2.all individuals are special and unique.3.the caring goal is the christian formation of god's needs therefore to ask why a potential suicide victim cannot make decisions for him/herself?is it a matter of personal health?for some people,the decision to commit suicide may be the only mature decision that they have ever made!in the civilian world,the links with those who are long-term unemployed are an obvious example of such a decision.the christian perspective on life and its quality,looks on the person and on his/her problems from a non self-centred viewpoint.if the person intends to pursue their suicidal goal ,they at least need to be encouraged to put their affairs in order-which could reset their personal horizions,with help. there are tremendous problems of efficiency in the realm of commendation/referral between the the case of those who are helped to decide not to commit suicide,the role of continuing carers is vital.such action should not be a prophylactic monitoring of the person,but for christian carers an exercise in the three principles of pastoral care noted above.the ministry to the suicide bereaved is firstly a supportive act,in the midst of their unbelieving response to what has happened to a loved one.they may well need confirming information upon a post-mortem[and its effect upon the corpse],the coroner's procedure through registration of death to inquest, the weeks go by they will try to resolve possible reasons for the action and the whole question of relationships and trust with the deceased will need to be talked they are helped to explore the question ''why?'',one hopes that the eventual inquest will provide a definitive answer.once the corpse is released under a ''coroner's order for burial''[1953]form101,the funeral needs to honestly include the type of death that has occurred.if it is a cremation,the disposal of cremated remains is very important,because it provides a continuing locus for grief,as does a grave.interment at sea needs to be accompanied by the use of a locus in church/chapel for memorial flowers.similarly,wreaths may return from the crematorium to a war memorial/chapel/church in focussing the remembrance of the deceased before god.the anniversary book is another aid to the bereaved,in working through their grief as the years go both the pastoral care of potential victims and of their families and friends,the pastor is enabling them all to come to god's fulness of life for them---whatever medical or social condition they are in-by their own voluntary action.[CS/1/1746/AIR.],an extension of the asist programme.   the advent of open education resources[OERs] and Massive Open Online Courses[MOOCs] is beginning to transform all areas of theological study at every level-it is an exciting time for academic,formation and general interest studies for everyone. we are very much in touch with current developments globally---brown university is even introducing a mooc on biblical archaeology basics for a repeat session in February 2014:  why not sign up?it involves about six hours commitment per week for a couple of months,with accreditation upon completion---and it's free!  now tel aviv university has launched on october 1 with 'the fall and rise of exilic jerusalem',which has now been completed---full details by    highly recommended to all tac clergy globally!other providers of moocs include:-edX,udacity and futurelearn.www. has a january start for a Pauline letters course from Harvard Divinity School.      2014 edition now in preparation...... adls2014[basics in biblical archaeology] starts its second mooc,with upgrading,on 24th february for 8 weeks and is highly recommended,taught by brown university at nil fee!full details and booking at    the chrism mass for traditional and orthodox anglicans in cornwall,devon,isles of scilly[and all points west!]takes place at s.peter and the holy apostles,plymouth at 7pm on the wednesday in holy week,16th april---principal celebrant,the provincial bishop suffragan of ebbsfleet.  a new mooc starts on 5 september to 17 december:-''survey of the lands of the bible'',produced by the lutheran theological seminary at gettysburg.  the video lectures on st.paul's letters are now available on  may i recommend that you for some superb free online courses presented by the st.paul center for biblical theology. 2015 edition now in preparation....... the above named MOOC providers are now offering free online courses in many areas relevant to our ministries. for example, the university of notredame  will soon be starting their course on religion and conflict.there is also a current two-week course on the pastoral care of those who have contracted the ebola virus.highly recommended! on ist june,notre dame launches TH120.1x:-jesus in scripture and tradition,for 8 weeks study duration.the see of ebbsfleet chrism masses are as follows:-28 march at 1130 heavitree, exeter;31 march at 1100 worcester cathedral;1 april at 1030 lichfield cathedral. now is the time to submit your letters of orders,licences held currently and society six-fold declaration to  your appropriate provincial episcopal visitor.   a new mooc began on may 6th:''the gospel in the book of revelation'',presented by trinity school for ministry in can sign up for the 18 lectures at,under/ the media and resources section---highly recommended!    2016 edition now in preparation......ash wednesday starts a new mooc at''the/ bible and the virgin mary.''an impressive course produced by the well-respected st.paul center for biblical theology,1468 parkview circle,steubenville,OH43952,USA.highly recommended---and completely free!on july 4 a mooc begins for three weeks on the pastoral care of those who have contracted the zika virus ---visit the futurelearn website to register. the gospel of john---an eight-week mooc has begun in late july,thanks to dallas theological seminary,3909,swiss avenue,dallas,texas, is at masters level with video lectures,discussions and brief quizzes-most enjoyable!  2017 edition now in preparation......ash Wednesday starts a newly produced mooc at''the/ bible and the sacraments'',emanating from the Franciscan university of Steubenville in the state of ohio,usa.  the chrism mass for swuk takes place at Exeter cathedral on Tuesday 11th april at 1200 noon with the provincial bishop of ebbsfleet.  the Christian institute has launched a set of twelve reformation videos on its  visit for a new series on the reformation.  peter long's facebook homepages have frequent postings on second temple period materials to help background to bible study.   2018 edition now in preparation......harvard divinity school has relaunched harvardx:hds3221.1x-religious  literacy:traditions and scriptures,a 4 week mooc which is self-spaced for up to 1 year.   on december 5th bar-ilan university launches a free mooc entitled ''biblical archaeology''[israelx-bibarc101] which will be of a very high can book via the edx is already well previewed.  if you have any orthodox from romania in your congregations[as we do!] please remind them about the papal visit to bucharest,iasi,blaj and miercura ciuc between may31 and june2 inclusive.2019 edition now in preparation..... two bampton lecture study days take place on the 12th and 19th february from 1000-1600 incl. at clore old library,st.mary the virgin,high street,oxford,ox1 4 bj.the subject is the dialogue between science and religion,led by prof. peter harrison ,with free lunch!the faculty of theology has deliberately planned these days for cme and you can book via eventbrite.see you there!  on ash wednesday,6 march,the mooc ''genesis to jesus''will be launched by the st.paul center for biblical theology---it is free for its first run. highly recommended.  the southwest chrism eucharist is at exeter cathedral on the tuesday in holy week,16th april at 1100 for 1130,with the provincial bishop of ebbsfleet---stoles and chasuables provided.  the acna has just released online the bcp 2019---with some very helpful new liturgical material. if you have polish anglicans in your congregation,you need to know about easter baskets=swieconka.they include:-butter,easter bread,horseradish,eggs and pisanki,sausage,ham,smoked bacon,salt,cheese,holy water,a paschal candle,ribbon and greenery,a linen cover.the baskets are usually blessed before the easter vigil---and for our eastern orthodox brothers and sisters this year easter is on the 28th april! the reith lectures on are well worth listening to this year.visit for the live-stream of the two day conference on ''ai:decoding ip---commercial,economic and legal implications.''  the fatima prayer=''o my jesus,forgive us our sins,save us from the fires of hell.lead all souls to heaven,especially those in most need of thy mercy.''    2020 edition:-the thomistic institute at washington has released''Aquinas 101'' --- a free mooc on the theology of thomas aquinas---highly recommended!  the wcc website has access to their three publications,all worth a good read:-1.current dialogue;2.ecumenical review; review of mission.                                                                                                                                                                        

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