traditional anglican communion-cornwall-uk.

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mid-day prayer=sext.

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evening prayer=evensong.

queen's diamond jubilee special prayer.

almighty god,we pray,that your servant elizabeth 2 ,our queen,who,by your providence has received the governance of this realm and commonwealth,may continue to grow in every virtue,that,imbued with your heavenly grace,she may be preserved from all that is harmful and evil and,being blessed with your favour may,with prince philip and the royal family,come at last into your presence,through jesus christ who is the way,the truth and the life and who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit,god,for ever and ever.amen.

night prayer=compline.

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isolated anglicans.

these websites enable isolated anglicans in cornwall/devon/scilly to join in with the daily prayer and worship of the worldwide church-this is a special way to hallow and sanctify everyday life and everything we are all involved with.if you live in a part of the world where there is no nearby christian place of worship,or in a country where christians are currently persecuted for their faith,then use this facility and keep in touch with us!you can be assured of our prayers for you whatever your circumstances currently are.

prayers of +walter howard frere,c.r.,bishop of truro:1923-1935.

my god,i desire to love thee perfectly:with all my heart which thou madest for thyself,with all my mind which only thou canst satisfy,with all my soul which fain would soar to thee,with all my strength,my feeble strength,which shrinks before so great a task,and yet can choose nought else but spend itself in loving thee.claim thou my heart,fill thou my mind,uplift my soul,and reinforce my strength,that where i fail thou mayest succeed in me,and make me love thee perfectly.amen.                                                                                                               o father,i will trust thee:for all the known and all the unknown good that i have ever had has come from thee.sweet saviour i will trust thee:thy grace is all-sufficient for my soul,as mighty as thy power and as matchless as thy love.blest spirit,i will trust thee:how can i ever dare to trust myself,to think,or speak,or act apart from thee?o god,my god,my hope and stay,who knowest and orderest all that is best,i know not what to will or do aright;then make me ever love to choose and do thy will.amen.                                                                                     o father let me know thee well enough to be very patient,o saviour let me know thee well enough to understand others,o blessed spirit let me know thee well enough to avoid mistakes,o sacred trinity let me know thee better day by day and hour by hour.amen

the chrism eucharist hymn-translated by +cecil richard rutt,suffragan bishop of st.germans,1974-79.

''blest by the sun,the olive tree brought clusters of fair fruit to birth,whose ripeness now we bring with prayer,lord christ,redeemer of the earth. eternal king,look down and bless the oil your servants offer here,and may it be a lively sign which all the powers of darkness fear.from those washed in the sacred font let satan's influence depart and when this oil the brow shall seal transforming grace invade the heart.our wounded nature thus be healed by your anointing grace,o lord;in men and women so renewed shall god's own image be restored. lord christ,the father's only son,who took our flesh in mary's womb,give light to your anointed ones,and break the power of death's dark may this joyous paschal feast,the time when saving grace is given,fill every christian soul with praise,and raise our minds from earth to heaven.amen.''                                                             

''a prayer for holidays''-+graham douglas leonard,bishop of truro,1973-1981.

''i have left my work behind,i do not have to clock in,my time seems to be my own,and yet perhaps it is because i have nothing to do,perhaps it is the beauty of the sea and the land,perhaps it is the stones which speak of age-long faith,perhaps they are old and interesting and beautiful,which makes me feel disturbed.'why do i live?' i ask myself,'why do i love,why do i suffer,why do i care,if death is but the end?'then i remember,father,that though i have left my work behind,i have not left you london or birmingham,the noise,the prices and my job,make me forget your presence.but here you speak to me and say,'i made you to know me and to live with me.'but,father,how do i know you?i cannot see you and what seems to be your voice,may be but my own thoughts.then i remember that in the gospel,you have told me that who sees jesus sees you,father,for in him,you shared this life of mine,and showed me how to live,so i will turn to you,jesus,my lord and god,and read again with open mind,the story of your life and death and how you rose again,that through it you may speak to me,and i may know your love and life with you.amen.''

prayer of pope john paul 2 for university teachers-+karol jozef wojtyla.

sedes sapientiae,ora pro nobis:''I entrust your journey to mary,sedes sapientiae,whose image I entrust to you today,so that she may be welcomed as a teacher and a pilgrim in the university campuses of the world.mary supported the apostles with her prayer at the dawn of evangelization;may she also help you to invigorate the university world with a Christian spirit.amen.''

hymn of the Cornish saints-howard miles brown,priest,canon,prebend.

''god,who for the world's new framing,set his son as corner-stone,builds a temple,shining,gleaming,with the men he calls his own.piran,petroc,paul Aurelian,euny,samson,winwalloe.     all these Cornish shores are holy,here the saints in prayer did dwell,raising font and altar lowly,preaching far with staff and bell.piran,petroc,paul Aurelian,euny,samson,winwalloe.    now the church in fervour founded,honours here those saints of old.mighty they,their pow'r abounded-god himself had made them bold.piran,petroc,paul Aurelian,euny,samson,winwalloe.    lord of Cornish saints;their story cheers our faith and warms our heart,bids us tread the way of glory to this age thy truth impart.piran,petroc,paul Aurelian,euny,samson,winwalloe.    so may we,with saints rejoicing,won by grace from every land,praises of our god still voicing,round our lord in brightness stand.piran,petroc,paul Aurelian,euny,samson,winwalloe.''

church divinity school of american pacwest international/pacific western universities,ca92128.

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